iOS6: Why I don’t like it so much


So much has been said about iOS6 and how bad the maps are.  I dislike the maps too and, to get a really detailed analysis on why it’s so rubbish, read this article by a mapping expert.  However, I’m no Apple expert, but as a user who likes to think of himself as reasonably tech-savvy, and someone who embraces technological change, I just find the introduction of iOS6 a bit, well, irritating.

I should state that I updated an iPhone 4 from iOS5.1 to iOS6.  I’m sorry I’m not one of those people who camp out at an Apple store, hoping to get a free Starbucks Latte whilst I wait for the next product release, but I use my phone all the time for a variety of things and, as Apple have allowed the phone be updated, the iOS6 experience can equally apply to me.

Upgrade Process
This was insanely easy once I’d removed a few hundred photographs taking up the necessary space required for the upgrade.

Introduction of the Passbook
I love the idea of this, but with only Lufthansa offering the service, it’s a bit of a let down.  They should have just waited until you can actually use it.

App Store
I can cope with the redesign.  I actually prefer to enter a password the first time I select something to be updated.  It stops those little people with little trigger-happy fingers updating my apps without me knowing (I realise my child control mechanism is my issue to resolve; I’m just saying the old way of doing things suited my situation).

Data on 3G
For some reason, I can no longer collect email or connect to the internet via 3G.  Various people have suggested contacting my network provider, but why should I have to?

It seems sluggish to me.  Perhaps I have too much on my iPhone already, although I’ve seen many friends with many more apps on theirs.  Maybe I don’t have enough space.  It could be that the model is too old – but in that case, why not withhold it from older models?

I think I’m going to roll back to iOS5.1 if I don’t see an improvement soon.  There are little things I do like – for example, I like the way the title bar(?) changes colour to match the relevant app.  And I genuinely love the Do Not Disturb feature.  I just don’t feel there’s enough for me to be an advocate of the OS and it’s made a pleasurable experience less pleasurable.

2 thoughts on “iOS6: Why I don’t like it so much

  1. I haven’t seen anything on the list of iOS6 to be worthy of the upgrade. I don’t Facebook, nor Twitter.. I have an iPhone 4 and like to have to put my password in, just in case I click the wrong thing. It sounds like Maps are a mess, and from what i understand the podcast listing are link my old iPod classic where it is newest on top, (i like oldest on top that way i can listen to them in order untouched)

    So much fail from such a good company. I didn’t like when Microsoft put too much into Windows that was not needed, so i went Mac. Now Apple is doing the same with iOS, why?

    1. I work closely with Microsoft and, although certainly not biased, I think what they’re doing with Windows8 and the combination of PC/tablet/mobile is really going to see them regain some of what they lost to Apple.

      They must miss Jobs.

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