Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile – What’s All The Fuss About?

Microsoft announced, yesterday (06/02/12), the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile for Q2 2012 in their next service release.  Twitter subsequently went into absolute meltdown in a frenzy of micro-news as tweeters competed to be the first to announce the revolution that is CRM mobile.  I, too, joined in the mania in a wave of sheep-like copycat-ism.

But then I stood back from my actions for a moment and thought to myself: hang on, is this really news?

Well, on the one hand, no it isn’t really.  Mobile, tablet and cross-browser support has been on the roadmap for ages and was common knowledge.  Perhaps the frenzy, therefore, was caused by the surge in demand/use of mobile devices so, in reality, although it was coming, it couldn’t quite come soon enough.

On the other hand, however, it’s fantastic news for the guys at CWR Mobility in the Netherlands whose product Microsoft are using.  They truly are a great company with a great product and I’m really happy for them that this has happened; it’s fantastic recognition.  Any readers of this blog (if in fact there are any) will, of course, know all about CWR Mobility from this blog post in July 2011.

I’m just relieved I picked the winning horse!

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CRM Mobility Options


It seems everyone in the office (alright, not everyone) is talking about mobility options for CRM.  Why?  To me it seems the latest craze in the ever changing CRM world and I don’t think it’s completely founded on need.

Having worked in the CRM world for ten years now, I’ve seen fads come and go, and the need for mobile solutions for CRM has also come and gone.  I remember, particularly, how much people wanted CRM on PDAs, as they were then referred to.  It failed because the screens were too small, the connection wasn’t available and the core CRM products just tried to push the same desktop experience to the mobile device.

Is this any different now?

The screens are no longer small.  Tablets are all the rage but they do genuinely allow you to at least look at information in a readable font size.  Net connection on the device is also much better, although 3G coverage required to get a truly mobile experience is dicey in the UK at best.  Because memory is so cheap (and small), storage capabilities have allowed offline capabilities.  And you can now create a unique mobile experience cutting the unwanted view/screens/fields etc. to minimise data transfer.

There are several products we’ve been looking at at Concentrix TSG lately: CWR Mobility, Resco, TenDigits, SageCRM iPhone Client to name a few.  Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll write a quick review of each as I get to use them.

I accept that mobile CRM is more likely than ever to come to a useful fruition; I use my iPad all the time, albeit not for business.  What is most interesting to me is whether the usability of the individual products dictate the device on which they should be used, or whether the opposite is true; that an MD’s insistence on using his iPad ensures total exclusivity.


iPad2 looks like another success story from Apple Macintosh (actually, does anyone refer to them as this anymore?  Are they even called this anymore?  Someone tell me!).  Here’s why I want one:

  1. It’s new.
  2. It’s colour (sounds stupid, but the Kindle is not).
  3. It will be amazing for social media.
  4. It’s practical.
  5. It’s lighter.

Here’s why I haven’t been out queuing to get one:

  1. It’s expensive.

Seriously, if ever there was a product that was priced purely because of demand, this is it (as was the original one).

Still want one though.