Hello. I’m Paul Ince, aka BizPaul.

Sharing a name with an England football legend has its benefits and its drawbacks. Mainly benefits. Call me what you want – just call me.


Who am I?

An enigma. Actually, no. I’m much more straightforward. I’m Paul Ince: a content marketing strategist and creator, an international speaker and presenter, host and emcee.

In short:

Based in Leicester, I work in the UK and overseas delivering my knowledge and expertise to those who need support in making their organisations more successful.

I’m a believer that business doesn’t have to be a bind, and marketing mustn’t be bland. 

My business, LikeMind Media, is a content marketing agency based in Loughborough, specialising in the production of social media, video, podcasts and article writing.

As part of this, I have the huge honour of hosting MarketEd.Live, our own marketing education conference.


“Are you always like this?” said the gentleman in the audience.

“Like what?” I responded.

“Exuberant,” he said.

It’s hard to describe your speaking style, but that sums it up. Actually, this was a question in a Q&A part of a talk recently. It wasn’t quite the type of question I was after.

Keynote Topics

I’ve been standing in front of people delivering talks for over 20 years. There isn’t many situations that I haven’t experienced in that time: tech fails, fire alarms, hecklers. My experience means I’m able to deliver a top-quality session that your audience will love.

Your Customer is a Flamingo

Understand why your customers’ journey to do business with you is not linear and how you can create content that meets them where they are.

Everyone’s a content creator. Yes, even you.

How do you get your entire team on board with your content marketings strategy? I’ll show you how they can contribute effectively without scaring them.

LinkedIn: how to get your team from WTF to GOAT

You’ve decided to use LinkedIn as part of your business’s marketing strategy, but how do you get more eyeballs on your messaging? By helping your team become the GOAT.


An old boss of mine once said that people trust either grey hair or no hair. This guy was unaware of L’Oreal Excellence. What he meant was that experience matters when giving advice. My increasingly greying hair is now testament to nearly 30 years of working life, over 20 of which have involved consulting.

I’m casual and informal in style. We’ll work together by building a trusting relationship first so you can be honest in a safe and confidential space.

I can work with your senior team on crafting a marketing strategy that helps you meet your business objectives, or I can work in a supporting capacity to a member of your team so they can develop their skills.

Consultancy and support should never be dull, because your marketing should never be dull. We may have to rein in some ideas, but at least we’ll have them.

Training & Workshops

I spent many years working at the head office of Next. No, not dressing the mannequins (although, weirdly, I also did that) but as a training officer, teaching hundreds of team members how to use the many systems and processes. Next put me through CIPD training; I take that experience and official certification into my modern trainings and workshops.

I understand how adults learn. My sessions are dynamic, relaxed and huge fun. I take pride in achieving high scores on feedback from delegates.

I will work closely with you to understand your training needs and devise an agenda that meets your objectives. Your people will think you’re a genius for hiring me to teach them – the kudos is yours!

Need some inspo? Download my latest catalogue of workshops and webinars, which I can run straight out of the box or adapt for your team.

Need something specific? Get in touch – I love creating courses that fit.


It started with a discussion about how people’s reactions to the pandemic were exhausting us. It ended with two nominations for Best News & Politics Show at the Quill Podcasting Awards (losing out to The New York Times – who?).

Separated by a big stretch of water and many cultural differences and experiences, Humans Exhaust Me explores the issues of the day with very little research (Google/Twitter) and plenty of personal feelings.

Join me and my co-host Phylecia Jones discuss everything from Covid to Crypto bros, skincare routines to the impact of skin colour.

Kind words from clients & attendees