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How to Refresh Your Look for 2017

New Year, New You

I know, I know, we’re way into 2017 now. One-twelfth of the year has passed us by like a flash of lightning that we were trying to capture on camera, but failed to. But it’s not too late to think about how you can mix things up a bit for 2017. In fact, it’s never too late to refresh your social media look. Refreshing your content and your style stands out for your audience and, in some cases, can help you increase your engagement levels.

In this article, I’ll cover a few things that you can do to get the (almost) new year off to a flying start.

Change your cover image

Take the opportunity to give your cover images a new look and feel. Send a message for 2017. What do you value this year? What do you want your customers to do? How can you help them this year?

If you have a new season of stock why not show them off? If you’re having a sale, create a sale flyer within your cover photo.

BizPaul Facebook Cover 2017

The BizPaul Social Media Facebook cover – adding a value statement to it along with a call to action

Be consistent in your branding

If you’re on multiple channels, then you can keep your branding consistent across all of them. Try not to upload the exact same image to each – they all have slightly different sizes and so the image will display differently. Take the time to create a separate cover photo for each network, but use the same style.

You can obtain templates for cover photos using tools such as Canva (where you can resize the image to fit with the paid plan) or Adobe Spark (where you can do it for free).

Twitter Cover 2017

Twitter cover

LinkedIn Cover 2017

And LinkedIn cover. Note how they are consistent but created for each network separately.

Choose the best profile picture to represent you

That little square picture is what represents you on the networks’ newsfeeds. It’s the picture that people hover over to find out a bit more about you. You need to make an impression.

If your social account is a brand, then consider using the company logo as the profile picture – after all, this is usually the point of a logo. If you are the business, then seriously think about using your face as the profile picture. Someone is going to buy from you so ‘meet’ them online.

It’s important, too, that the picture of you isn’t too old. I know you really love the image of you in a smart suit, but when grey hair, or no hair, walks through the door at your first meeting in real life, you’re going to lose trust straight away. You look great as you are – be you!

Consistent graphics

The newsfeeds are busy. You need to stand out, as does your content. At a very basic level, the newsfeed is a bit of a land-grab – the more space you can hog, the more impact you’ll have.

Before you argue with me on this, let me just say that the content of the content is clearly going to be the greatest factor in whether your posts get attention. And, yes, what you have delivered before, along with the reaction it got, is hugely important. But when you’re scrolling down the newsfeed, it takes longer to get past posts with graphics and videos. Be tactical.

When creating graphics, think back to your theme and your branding on the profile and cover photos. Be consistent with them in terms of style, font, colour. Use the graphics tools mentioned above to create quickly.

BizPaul graphic

BizPaul graphics keep branding consistent.

Use all the features of the network

Probably more relevant to Facebook, as there are so many features now. By using all relevant features, you’ll show your business at its best. There are too many to mention, but here are a couple of features to take a look at:

Facebook page templates

Click on Manage Tabs or Settings > Edit Page and you’ll be presented with your template and the ability to change it. Click Edit and review the different template options. Select different ones and see which looks best and contains the best features for your page.

Facebook templates

Twitter colours

Within your profile, you can edit the colour theme. Change it to reflect the colour scheme of everything else that you use (as in the numerous points above where I keep going on about colours and consistent branding).

Twitter Colours

Pinterest Showcase

I talk about this in this post, but if you’re using Pinterest for your business, you really must sort out a showcase for your profile. It’s a moving, dynamic piece of the profile that is interesting to look at. I’m sure there must be some statistics on how this increases engagement somewhere – if I find them, I’ll share them with you.

Pinterest Showcase

Driving people towards action

In the new marketing world-order, we’re all supposed to wait for customers to come to us. But I still believe in the call to action. At some point, you have to ask your audience to do something. Think about what that is, and drive people towards it. It doesn’t have to be brash, but it also doesn’t have to be so subtle that your potential customer doesn’t do what you’d like them to do.

All your social media activities should be driving people towards action. Now you can do it in a consistent way, with a refreshed new look for 2017. Get going!

Want to get into this in more detail? Here’s a free course for you on the subject:


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