Despite initially enjoying lockdown, as it turns out, I’m an extrovert and feed off the energy in a room.

Does anyone truly like describing themselves? Who knows, but I’ll give it a go.

People like learning when they don't think they're learning

I bring knowledge, fun, challenge, expertise and a bit of sass. Using examples that are relevant and occasionally a bit out there, hiring me to speak will help you create an experience your attendees will remember.

Oh, it’s customary to scream “INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER” if you’ve done any kind of speaking outside the UK. I’ve done this many times.

The Official Bio

(Feel free to copy the below if you need it!)

Paul Ince is a marketing strategist, host and presenter who believes that the people working within the business are best placed to talk about it. He helps organisations understand their voice and puts strategies in place to amplify it to their market. With over 20 years’ experience* he has supported many businesses to increase their visibility online, communicate more effectively and grow their business. 

He speaks frequently on the subject of how to improve the way businesses have conversations with their customers and clients via the world of digital, and occasionally analogue, marketing. 

In addition to running his content marketing agency, LikeMind Media, Paul hosts MarketEd.Live a series of marketing-based events in the UK, and co-hosts the award-nominated news and politics podcast, Humans Exhaust Me. 

*He didn’t want to add in the “over” as he doesn’t look old enough, but it adds to the authority so, you know.


Current Keynote Sessions

I mainly speak on content marketing but, you know what, I’ve also spoken about many other topics including how my business came to be and how I have one of the most generic faces. I actually like the more random talks.

Anyway, here are some of my keynote sessions I can simply bring (and adapt) for your audience.

Your Customer Is a Flamingo: Understanding the many routes they take and the content that serves them on their journey

You may have a wonderfully organized and logical sales funnel that moves the customer from awareness to purchase. Sometimes, though, journeys don’t go as planned.

Customers may veer off your chosen route, start questioning their decision, re-evaluate their requirements, or even be tempted to travel elsewhere. They may do this without you even knowing.

Join Paul Ince to look at the dynamic pathways a customer can take and how you can plan your content strategy around them so there’s always something of value for your customer, whichever direction they travel. Oh, and you’ll also find out what this has to do with flamingos.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why linear customer journeys are no longer appropriate to plan against
  • Why you should embrace the chaos of customers and adapt to the variety of changing needs they have in your content strategy
  • How to plan different types of content that are the most appropriate for each possible part of any customer journey

Everyone’s a content creator. Yes, even you.

Whatever your business, your customers are consuming more content than ever before they decide to get in touch. Website content, blogs, articles on LinkedIn, TikToks, YouTube videos, emails, even posters and business cards. How do you keep up with which marketing channels to use and which content types to focus on? And who’s going to create it all? In this session, we’ll consider the routes your customers may take, and which content types are working right now. We’ll also show how using your entire team will help you increase the volume of content you can produce within your business and when it makes sense to get help.

LinkedIn: how to get your team from WTF to GOAT

You’ve decided to use LinkedIn as part of your business’s marketing strategy, but how do you get more eyeballs on your messaging? How do you get buy-in from senior leaders and team members in utilising this platform to promote your business as leading in your industry? In this session, Paul will talk through strategies for bringing your team with you on your LinkedIn journey and ways they can support your businesses strategy on the platform.

Keynotes can be adapted to suit your event or conference. Let’s have a chat about making sure it’s the perfect fit.

Past Events

If you would like to see examples of my sessions, here you can find helpful examples of how I present.

Other topics

I can also speak on the following subjects:

Hosting, Presenting, Emceeing

A great host can hold a room’s attention and keep them focused on the content of the event. They can bring the different sessions together to help create a unified event that attendees will remember.

I’m an experienced host and emcee that can keep your event running to time while boosting the atmosphere and experience attendees will have. I make jokes. They’ll laugh. You’ll get the credit for booking me.


Appearance Schedule

Here’s where I’m speaking or running sessions that are open to all (eligibility rules may apply).


Love Loughborough: Build a Better LinkedIn Profile


Business Growth West Midlands: Expand Your Marketing Toolbox


East Midlands Accelerator: Essential Guide to Social Media


East Midlands Accelerator: Essential Guide to Social Media


Love Loughborough: Social Media Essentials - Instagram


Business Growth West Midlands: Social Media Essentials - Instagram

4 & 5

The Care Forum


Leicester Business Festival: Create Better Content


MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Kind words from clients & attendees

Media Kit

I want to make the process of booking me as easy as possible. Here’s everything you should need: bio, photos, intros and more.

Need something else? Contact me and let me know.

Booking Information

If you’re interested in booking me to speak at or host your event, I’d like to know a bit about what the event is, who will be there, and what you’d like me to do.

I’m an advocate for having a diverse range of voices at an event. Please do not ask me to be on an all male/all white panel.  There are many talented speakers from different communities. I will politely decline to be on a speaker lineup that does not reflect this.

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